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for writers and fans of the Old West....

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Western Writers is a community dedicated to writers and fans who love the genre.
Western Writers is an open community for writers and fans of the genre. If you are a professional writer or getting started, or you just love the Old West, you are welcome here.

Just be aware the PRIMARY INTENT of this community is to provide a resource for those people who write Western Fiction and provide them with an opportunity to share ideas and resources related to the genre, including available marketplaces. Any Western genre is acceptable including sub-genres like Weird Western, historical, romance or traditional. We are also open to cross-genre and contemporary, as long as there is a Western focus.

To be more specific, anything related to the topic is acceptable, including markets, magazines, agents, movies, poetry, articles, recipes, pictures and music. You may post stories, but we prefer links. If you don't have a link, use an LJ-cut for your story. Reviews and critiques are also welcome. If you have a published story, novel or website you want to share, please let us know.

The rules of this community are simple to follow. NO flaming. NO spamming. Use LJ-cuts for stories. Users who cannot follow these simple rules will be banned.

We hope to make this community a fun place for people who love the Old West to get together and share. Debate and discussion are welcome but keep it civil. We simply will not tolerate rude behavior in anyone for any reason whatsoever. There are other communities for that kind of drama. Western_Writers isn't one of them.

Welcome! :)